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Snacks 小吃

  • Edamame
  • Served with honey wasabi miso mayo. 8
  • Served with pink salt & truffle oil. 10
  • Vegetarian SPRING ROLL (4pcs) 10

    Served with Chow’s signature sauce.

  • Salt & Pepper Silken Tofu 16

    Deep fried silken tofu served with truffle mayo.

iM-0010 (1)
  • Miss Chow's Spicy Fried Chicken

    Bite sized chicken pieces served with spicy mayo.

  • Spicy Chilli Wonton (5pcs)
  • Chicken 17
  • Prawn 20
  • Lettuce Cups

    Lettuce cups with vegetables of your choice

  • Salt & Pepper Squid 18

    Deep fried squid pieces tossed and served with truffle mayo.

  • Steamed SHARK BAY Scallops (2PCS) 18

    Scallops with goji berries, soy sauce, charcoal vermicelli.

  • Miss Chow's Sliders

    Steamed bao buns served with a filling of your choice, fresh salad housemade spicy mayo

  • Kingfish Ceviche 26

    Served with house pickled chilli, baby leek & asian lime.

  • Peking Duck Delight 36

    Served with 6 pieces of crepe, mixed salad, pickles, cucumber & leek

we're committed to supporting local suppliers and their west australian produce​

Soup 湯

  • Hot & Sour 14

    Egg, mushroom, tofu, black fungus & bamboo shoots.

  • Seafood Soup 18

    Seafood broth, prawns, scallops, fish.

A friendly reminder

* If you have any dietary requirements or allergies please let your waiter know.

* Our Gluten Friendly Option (GFO) is suitable for people with non-coeliac gluten intolerance. Gluten Friendly Options may come into contact with traces of gluten.

* Miss Chow's is proud to be nut free! We do not use nuts in any of our dishes.

* Sorry, no split billing!

* Visa/Mastercard 1% surcharge.

* Public Holiday 10% surcharge.

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