Perth's Asian Eatery & Dumpling House

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An Asian inspired eatery and dumpling house, that focuses on quality and creativity of ingredients, whilst maintaining a strong bond to cultural heritage, traditional cooking methods and techniques. 

From steamers filled with dumplings, fresh vegetable dishes, the classic asian fare, to wok fried noodles, our chefs are dedicated to continuing on a heritage of serving up food as they would have hundreds of years ago, only with a slightly modern and contemporary twist.

An extensive wine list, cocktails and drinks that complement your food also await you. We've personally selected and crafted the drinks on our menu to complement your dining experience. 




please note: our restaurants are fully licensed and therefore cannot accept BYO beverages.


$15 lunch SPECIAL

$15 Lunch Specials from Tuesday to Friday at Miss Chow's Claremont and Whitfords. Perfect for a quick bite or for a casual lunch meeting. Each meal comes with a Jasmine Tea or a Soft Drink. 



Only at Miss Chow's Whitfords. 
$5 items from our Dim Sum menu items.
Saturday and Sunday until 5pm. 


takeaway special

All Outlets.
Place an order through the online ordering platform and receive a 10% discount on all orders.
Use code CHOWS10 at checkout

My local asian restaurant that I will return to time and time again...
— Daniel, Loyal Customer